On this page are quilts that have either been pieced and quilted by us or pieced by friends and quilted by us. Either way you are investing in a family heirloom that you can pass on to your children or give to someone special in your heart. Click on any picture for a larger view and should you have any questions please contact us - we’d love to hear from you.

ool Cats

93” wide x 87.5” long


This whimsical queen-size bed quilt features “cool cats” fabric uniquely framed into complimentary blocks and sewn together with surprising results. Your very own ensemble jazz group will be right there on your bed to entertain and keep you warm! Click on the quilt for a larger view and for a block detail please click YellowCello.jpg

Bunny Trails

41” wide x 55” long


Perfect for Easter, Louise’s wascally wabbits will enchant with their bright bow ties and contrasting backgrounds. Appliqued eggs complete this springtime treasure which is sure to brighten your home for years to come. You can almost hear the kids giggling.

Click on the quilt for a larger view.

Rainbow’s Promise

45” wide x 38” long


“When rainy days upon you hold,

Remember the rainbow’s promise told.”

This charming poem is stitched across the lower portion of this quilt while appliqued hearts across the top mimic the pattern in the fabric . Whether you use it as a wall hanging or a crib quilt, this colourful Noah’s Ark panel is sure to add just that right touch.